TESTS: TEST XXIX on the Simple Past vs. the Present Perfect

Write the verb in the correct tense. Use either the Simple Past or the Present Perfect:

1. (1) When I was a baby, I ___________________________ (never, to cry).
2. May I go to the cinema when I _____________________________ (to finish) my homework?
3. The hospital, which opened two years ago, __________________ (now, to cure) three hundred people.

4. I __________________________ (to learn) the poem and written it out.
5. Last year she ___________________________ (to teach) all the children in her village to read.
6. ________________________ (Bell; to invent) the telephone in the nineteenth century?

7. He will mend your shoes as soon as he _______________ (to finish) mine.

8. Orville Wright first ____________________________ (to fly) a plane in December 1903.
9. If the children _______________________ (to learn) the song by tonight, they will sing it to you.
10. Marie _______________________ (to lose) her pen last night, and so she is writing in pencil.

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