Fill in the right tenses, also distinguish between simple and progressive forms:

1. He (already; to write)_______________________ six letters, but his sister (not; to write) ____________________ one letter.
2. People (never; to fly)________________________ to Mars.
3. (you; to go) ________________________ to the cinema last night? - No, I (not; to be)________________ there for three weeks.
4. I (to see)__________________ that you (to buy) ______________________ a new hat. How much (you; to pay) _____________________ for it?
5. Since 1982 (we; to live) _____________________________ in the country; next year we (to move)________________________ to a big city.
6. Many years ago he (to study) ___________________________ German for two years.
7. He (just; to finish) __________________________ writing two letters.
8. When I (to see) ________________________ him yesterday, he (to sit) ______________________ asleep in his armchair.
9. After the children (to go) ___________________________ home for lunch, they (to have) ___________________________ an appointment with the dentist.
10. Since when (you; to have) ____________________________ your new bike?
11. By tomorrow afternoon he (to finish) ___________________________ repairing his car.
12. Somebody called the police. He (to say) ____________________ that there (to be) _______________________ an accident in Bridge Street.

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