TESTS: TEST XXX on Various Tenses

Fill in the correct tense of the verb in brackets:

1.Every time he ____________________ (to go) to the market he buys as much fruit as he can.
2.At the moment she ____________________ (to lie) on the floor playing with the cat.
3.He _________________ (to sit) in a cafe when I saw him.
4.He ____________________________ (to work) hard all this morning and is absolutely exhausted now.
5.Can't the doctor see me next week? By the time he has finished with this patient, I ______________________________________ (to wait) for two hours.
6.She _____________________ (to ask) him three times to forgive her, but he still refuses to.
7.This window ________________________________ (just; to repair) by the landlord.
8.I would have helped him clean the classroom if he ________________________ (to do) it when I was there.
9.That woman with the red umbrella _____________________________ (to wait) to talk to you since 8 o'clock this morming. Can you talk to her now?
10. She went to the police station and said that a strange man _____________________________ (to follow) her for two hours.

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