TESTS: TEST XXXI on Present Perfect Simple vs. Present Perfect Progressive

Bei Erwähnung der Häufigkeit der Handlung Hier ist nur das Fortdauern wichtig
Ex: He has written three letters. Ex: He has been writing letters.
Ex: I have tried to phone him several times. Ex: I have been trying to phone him all the time.
Handlung abgeschlossen / Resultat wichtig Fortdauer, noch nicht abgeschlossen
Ex: Tom has repared his bike. Ex: Tom has been repairing his bike, but hasn't finished yet.
Ex: I have read 'Ulyssees'. Ex: I have been reading 'Ulyssees'. (...and will never finish....-;))

Fill in the correct form of the present perfect.

1. We (to lie) ___________________________________ on the beach all afternoon. Let's play some soccer.
2. This author (just; to complete) ________________________________________ his first short story.
3. You (to watch) _________________________________ TV long enough. And what's more, you (not finish)

______________________________________ your homework yet.
4. We (to walk) _______________________________________ since this morning.
5. I (to wait) _______________________________________ for hours, but Sarah (not to arrive)

_______________________________________ .
6. The mechanic(to work) _____________________________________ on the car, but it still won't go.
7. Mary (sit) ___________________________________ over that crossword puzzle for almost an hour now. I

think she (to find) ____________________________________ most of the answers.
8. We (work) _________________________________ all morning. Let's have a rest.

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