Fill in the right tenses, also distinguish between simple and progressive forms:

1. Since his wife left home, Tim (to cook) __________________________ his own breakfast.
2. He (to practise) _____________________________ the piano for three hours now.
3. Last night Cyril (not; to drink) ____________________________ any beer.
4. When you came in with that hat on, you (to look) _______________________ like a criminal.
5. She always (to keep) __________________________ us waiting.
6. I (to hear) _______________________ the news last night, but I (not to hear) _____________________ anything about it today.
7. He (to study) _____________________________ chemistry for three years when he (to give) _____________________ it up last month.
8. When (your train; to leave) _________________________________? (you; to pack) ____________________ your bags yet? Here are some sandwiches which I (to make) __________________________ you for the journey.
9. (you; to speak) ____________________________to my sister yesterday? No, I (to see) ________________ her for a long time. I can't remember when I last (to see) _____________________ her.
10. When the bell (to ring) ______________________we (must; to go) ___________________ to our classroom.
11. The teacher said 'Tomorrow you (to write) _____________________ another test on vocabulary.
12. One of the pupils asked, 'How many words (you; to ask) ___________________________ us?'

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