1.Yesterday we (to play) ______________________ basketball for two hours.
2. Janet said, 'I (not; to learn) ________________________________ any words so far.'
3. At the end of the lesson Dominic asked his neighbour, '(you; to understand) _______________________ what the teacher (to say) _________________ at the beginning of the lesson?'
4. On their trip last summer to Wales the children (must not; to go) __________________________ swimming.
5. How many fish (you; to catch) ______________________________ until now?
6. The last fish I (to catch) _______________________ (to be) __________ two hours ago.
7. David (never; to be) _____________________________ to the North Sea. But next summer his parents (to take) _____________________________ him there.
8.(you; to lose) ______________________ your bus ticket? No, I (to have) _________________ .
9.Tomorrow by 6p.m. the car (to be repaired) ________________________.
10. (you; to speak) ___________________________ to my sister yesterday? No, I (to see) _________________________ her for a long time.

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