1.Emperor Hadrian (to build) ______________________ a wall across the North of England more than one thousand years ago. Since then many people (can; to look at) _______________________________ it.
2. The MacDonalds (to invite) ______________________ Helen, and now she is planning her trip to Scotland. She (never; to be) _________________________ to Scotland.
3. The train always (to leave) ____________________ at 8.30, so the class (must be) _________________ at the station at 8 o'clock. (Past tense)
4. After the class (to arrive) ________________________ at the youth hostel, they (must go) _____________________ to their rooms.
5. Kevin went shopping. He (shall) ______________________ to buy food for the weekend.
6. How long (you; to live) __________________________ in this house?
7. When the children wanted to watch a film, not everybody (may; to watch) _________________________ it.
8. For three years he (to learn) ___________________________ Spanish.
9. I (not; need) ___________________________ to show my passport at the check in.
10. The concert (to begin) ______________________________ by the time we get there.

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