1. (you; to hear) ______________________________ that the Germans only lost to the Brazilians?
2. No, I haven't. I (cannot; to watch) _________________________ TV yesterday.
3. If our basketball team (to fight) _________________________ harder, they would have won their match.
4. In 1848 gold (to find) ____________________ in California. That's why so many settlers (to want) __________________ to go there.
5. A lot of personal property (must; to leave behind) _________________________ by the settlers due to its heavy weight.
6. Somebody said, 'If we can't cross the Rockies, we (must) _______________________ stay in the valley and wait for spring to come'.
7. After the settlers (to arrive) __________________________ in California they (to pitch) _________________ their tents.
8. Most of the settlers (to travel) _____________________________ for twelve hours a day before you found a place to camp.
9. One of the settlers said, 'We (to be) ___________________________ on our feet for more than five hours, why (not; to have) _____________________ a break now?'
10. Eventually the settlers (to succeed in/ to reach) _________________________the American River where Sutter and Marshall (to find) _____________________ gold.

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