Fill in the right tenses (present, past or present perfect):

1. Roger (to decorate) ____________________________ his room for the last two hours.
2. A week ago Mr. Cooper (to paper) _____________________ the walls of the living room and (to paint) __________________ them.
3. Mother is asking Peter, 'Peter, (you; to tidy) ____________________________ your room yet?' Peter, 'Yes, I ______________ . I (to do) _______________ it yesterday.'
4. Mother, 'Peter, (you; ever; to notice) _______________________ the long scratches on the door of your room?'
5. Father is asking, 'David, what (you; to do) __________________________ now?' David, 'I (to repair) ________________________ my bike right now.'
6. Yesterday I (to fall off) _________________________ my bike and I (must; to push) _______________________ it home.
7. Peter (to try) _______________________ to call his friend three times this afternoon.
8. (you; ever; to be) ____________________________ to Paris before?
9. When (you; to arrive) _________________________ here? Last night, but I (not to see) _____________________________ much so far.
10. (you; always; to go) ____________________________ to Paris in the summer? Yes, I ________________ , but two years ago I (to travel) ________________________ to Singapore.
11. Why (you; to go) ___________________________ to Singapore? Well, my friends (to live) __________________ there and they still do.
12. Since when (you; to have) ______________________________ your new car? Well, I (to buy) _________________________ it three weeks ago.

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