1. Mark, 'There you are at last! I (to wait) ___________________________ for you for hours.'
2. Jo, 'Sorry, when (you; to get) __________________________ here?'
3. Mark, 'At least two hours ago. I (to stand about) _________________________ in the rain all this time, and as you can see without an umbrella.Look, how wet I (to become) ____________________. Why (you; not to leave) ___________________ home earlier?'
4. Jo, 'I'm sorry, I (not; to get)_________________________ here at the time we (to arrange) __________________, Mark.'
5. Work on the new school hall (just; to begin) _______________________. It (to finish) _______________________ next spring.
6. The headmaster said that work (to begin) ____________________ on the new school hall, and that it (to finish) _______________________ next spring.
7. David was tired when he (to arrive) ________________________ home that evening. It (to be) _________________ a long day for him.
8. He (to leave) ______________________ London early that morning, and heavy traffic on the M25 (to make) _____________________ the journey seem longer than ever.
9. If Mike had won more matches last year, he (not; to lose) ____________________ interest so easily.
10. If Patrick (to try) ________________ hard enough, he would be a really good player.

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