I. Discrimination exercise on THEIR - THEY'RE (= THEY ARE) - THERE ARE:
Fill in the right words.

1. I can't find my cassettes. Look, ______________ two on the floor.
2. Why can't you read these books? ______________ in Japanese.
3. Do you know these people? Of course. ______________ my aunt and my uncle.
4. And the dog? It's Timmy. He's ______________ dog.
5. Can I buy these CDs? Sorry, ______________ too expensive.
6. Let's go to the pet shop. _______________ some new pets in the window.
7. I must buy a big cage for my hamsters. ____________ old cage is too small.
8. ____________ no people at the swimming-pool today. Of course not. It's raining.

II. Apostrophe-s or plural-s?

1. (mother) Sally is cleaning her ______________ bike. Parents is a word for ________________ and fathers.
2. (hamster) There are lots of _________________ in the pet shop window. My ________________ name is Henry.
3. (sister) Are all _______________ terrible? Of course not! Who is your _________________ best friend?
4. (friend) Sandra has got lots of ________________. My _________________ bike is old but it's still good.
5. (teacher) Our _________________ English is very good. But not all ___________________ can speak good English.

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