Are you familiar with British traffic signs?

These are the most frequent traffic signs (warning signs, mostly in triangular form) you would encounter on British roads.
Try to match below traffic signs with their meanings.

A. Road narrows on both sides
B. Roundabout
C. Traffic signals
D. Plate below some signs
E. Two-way traffic straight ahead
F. Crossroads
G. Distance to STOP line ahead
H. Low-flying aircraft or sudden aircraft noise
I. Falling or fallen rocks
K. Tunnel ahead
L. Dual carriage way ends
M. Steep hill downwards
N. Level crossing without barrier
O. Road narrows on right (left if symbol reversed)
P. Two-way traffic crosses one-way road
Q. Distance to 'Give Way' line ahead
R. Uneven road
S. Junction on bend ahead
T. Traffic merging from left ahead
U. Bend to right (or left if symbol reversed)
V. Slippery road
W. Trams crossing ahead
X. Staggered junction
Y. Level crossing without barrier or gate ahead
A/A. Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead
A/B. Opening or swing bridge ahead
A/C. T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right
A/D. Steep hill upwards
A/E. Traffic signals not in use

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