Are you familiar with British traffic signs?

These are the most frequent traffic signs (warning signs, mostly in triangular form) you would encounter on British roads.
Try to match below traffic signs with their meanings.

A. Zebra crossing
B. Miniature warning lights at level crossings
C. Side winds
D. Wild horses or ponies
E. Frail (or blind or disabled if shown) pedestrians likely to cross road ahead
F. Overhead electric cable; plate indicates maximum height of vehicles which can pass safely
G. Quayside or river bank
H. Light signals ahead at level crossing, airfield or bridge
I. Wild animals
K. Risk of ice
L. School crossing patrol ahead (some signs have amber lights which flash when crossings are in use
M. Cycle route ahead
N. Traffic queues likely ahead
O. Distance over which road humps extend
P. Pedestrians in road ahead
Q. Soft verges
R. Worded warning sign
S. Sharp deviation of route to left (or right if chevrons reversed)
T. Hump bridge
U. Cattle
V. Accompanied horses or ponies
W. Risk of grounding
X. Available width of headroom indicated
Y. Other danger; plate indicates nature of danger

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