Spot the mistakes and write down the corrected sentences.
Look out! Not all sentences contain mistakes. However, sometimes there are two mistakes in one sentence.

1. The both guests took their seats in big armchairs. _______________________________________________
2. She was also not there. ___________________________________________________
3. He apologized himself for his being rude. ___________________________________________________
4. Paul and me understand us very well. ___________________________________________________
5. You look so disappointed, what have you? ___________________________________________________
6. She was on holiday in the last month. ___________________________________________________
7. I have hunger, have you got something to eat? ___________________________________________________
8. It gives three churches in our city. ___________________________________________________
9. Children nowadays often have an own TV set. ___________________________________________________
10. We all went in our classroom and the teacher told about the Vietnam War. ___________________________________________________
11. He met his friend before two days. ___________________________________________________
12. She is born in Hamburg. ___________________________________________________
13. She is so a friendly teacher. ___________________________________________________
14. I have heard that you met Susan`s boyfriend. How is he? ___________________________________________________
15. Our teacher explained us how to play cricket. ___________________________________________________
16. She had a cheese bread. ___________________________________________________
17. I mean that she is right. ___________________________________________________
18. The most people like using their handys. ___________________________________________________
19. I usually stand up at 8 o`clock. ___________________________________________________
20. She will become fifteen in September. ___________________________________________________
21. If he will earn a lot of money, he must work harder. ___________________________________________________
22. Los Angeles is the largest city of the USA. ___________________________________________________
23. Where did you buy that nice shoes? ___________________________________________________
24. Two pounds are a lot of money for a tea. ___________________________________________________
25. My brother has broken his arm, he is now in the hospital. ___________________________________________________
26. He is a bank manager and always takes a holiday in the winter. ___________________________________________________
27. The meeting begins at nineteen o`clock. ___________________________________________________
28. She has started teaching here for five years. ___________________________________________________
29. When is her birthday? ___________________________________________________
30. Yesterday he has been in Munich. ___________________________________________________

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