I. Transform into the passive voice:

1. The teacher promised them a special reward.

2. John always gives her some nice flowers for her birthday.

3. Bill will offer my husband a job in Scotland.

4. Mac will show us his stamp collection.

5. You should listen to your teacher.

6. Last night Mary looked after the baby.

7. We had looked upon them as experts.

8. I have not heard of him for years.

II. Definite article or not? Fill in where an article is needed.

1. Last year Archibald made a very long journey, though __________ winter of 2009 was very cold. He doesn't like _______ winter and _____autumn.
2. He flew to _______ England and _______ USA.
3. In London he saw _________ Buckingham Palace, ________ Tower, ________ Houses of Parliament, ______ British Museum, _______ Trafalgar Square, _________ St.-Paul's Cathedral and _______ Strand.
4. In New York he saw ________ Metropolitan Opera, _________ Pennsylvania Station, _________ Broadway, _______ United Nations Headquarters, _______ Times Square and _______ St. Patrick's Cathedral.
5. When he came home, he went to _________ school and told everybody that he had seen _______ biggest churches in _______ world.

III. Put in the correct tenses.

1. If we (to be) _______________________ without light, trams would not have run anymore.
2. If I (to be) ______________________ you, I (not to jump) ________________________ from that tree during our last holiday.
3. If the sun is shining this afternnon, we (to go) ____________________ to Hyde Park.

IV. Translate.

1. Wenn London sein Verkehrssystem nicht besser ausbaut, wird es dort zur Zeit der Olympischen Spiele viele Verkehrsstaus geben.

2. Wenn ich dein Vater wäre, würde ich dich nach München schicken, um dort zu studieren.

3. Wenn London 2008 nicht als Olympiastadt gewählt worden wäre, würden dort im Jahre 2012 keine Olypischen Spiele stattfinden.

V. Fill in the missing words

American English British English
1. center  
2. colourful
3. lift
4. gasoline/gas  
5. luggage

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