Choose the correct verb in parentheses:

1. (Lie, Lay) the magazine on the coffee table.
2. The magazine is (lying, laying) on the coffee table.
3. Scott (sat, set) the birdcage in the backyard.
4. The cage (sits, sets) in the backyard.
5. Sam (rose, raised) from his cjair and went to the door.
6. The kite was swifly (rising, raising) skyward.
7. He (lay, laid) on the bank and looked at the stars.
8. Has Mother (lain, laid) down yet?
9. The paper is (lying, laying) on the sidewalk.
10. The river is (rising, raising) steadily.
11. We were (sitting, setting) n a large rock.
12. A hand-painted vase (sits, sets) on the mantelpiece.
13. She had already (lain, laid) the cloth on the table.
14. (Sit, Set) down and talk for a while.
15. I (lay, laid) the keys there a few minutes ago.
16. The main pipes (lay, laid) under the floor.
17. A rope was (lying, laying) near the saddle.
18. The sun is (rising, raising) now.
19. Had you (sat, set) down on his hat?
20. (Lying, Laying)in the top drawer was the necklace.

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