TESTS: TEST II ON WORDS...WORDS...(context clues, synonyms)

After the proper number, write the letter of the word which is nearest in meaning to the words in bold letters.

1. absolve
a. forget
b. accuse
c. pardon
d. figure out
2. allusion
a. reference
b. criticism
c. mistaken idea
d. disappointment
3. anarchy
a. dictatorship
b. lawlessness
c. entryway
d. country ruled by a queen
4. benevolence
a. laziness
b. mysteriousness
c. rudeness
d. kindliness
5. bizarre
a. childish
b. poorly chosen
c. strange
d. common
6. candid
a. small
b. straightforward
c. hidden
d. unjust
7. competent
a. capable
b. aggressive
c. incapable
d. sane
8. discrepancy
a. difference
b. dishonesty
c. dislike
d. noise
9. docile
a. stupid
b. easily tired
c. easily misled
d. easily managed
10. exasperated
a. irritated
b. undecided
c. puzzled
d. overjoyed
11. flaunt
a. betray
b. point out
c. show off
d. give in
12. grueling
a. questioning
b. frightening
c. exhausting
d. stubborn
13. haven
a. paradise
b. town
c. shelter
d. sky
14. immune
a. in bad health
b. alone
c. healthy
d. protected
15. incomprehensible
a. startling
b. too expensive
c. not understandable
d. not flammable
16. ingenious
a. dishonest
b. clever
c. simpleminded
d. frank
17. jaunty
a. light-hearted
b. strolling
c. nervous
d. yellowish
18. lethal
a. deadly
b. explosive
c. criminal
d. warlike
19. meander
a. walk rapidly
b. untie
c. examine
d. wander
20. mediocre
a. ignorant
b. ordinary
c. ill-tempered
d. boring
21. ominous
a. altogether
b. disappearing
c. threatening
d. hungry
22. retrieve
a. recover
b. hunt
c. make up
d. overlook
23. skeptical
a. doubting
b. unfriendly
c. cruel
d. untrustworthy
24. tawdry
a. gay and charming
b. showy and tasteless
c. tattered and worn d. ill-fitting
25. wary
a. trusting
b. cowardly
c. tired
d. cautious

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