It was so simple (0)___the___ first time round, my main anxieties (1)_______ what dress to wear to the wedding and (2)________to invite. Twenty years ago, it (3)_________ occurred to me to worry about money or to contemplate what (4)________ happen if it all fell apart.

However, this time, all (5)__________ aware of the failure rate of second marriages, and with children from our previous relationships to think about, we've prepared (6)_________ the worst, spending the last month absorbed in the (7)__________ than romantic details of wills and life assurance. I have to say (8)____________ hasn't been much fun. We've asked all sorts of morbid questions, such (9)_____________ 'What if one of us falls under a bus?' 'What if (10)___________ of us do?' Our main priority has been to produce wills dealing with (11) __________possible eventuality, though this hasn't been easy.

The other nightmare scenario was splitting up. What if we decided we couldn't stand (12) _________ other within the first couple of years? The administrative answer to this was fairly simple, involving us (13)___________ signing a pre-nuptial contract, stating our intention to walk away with (14)______________ resources we had brought into the marriage. Pre-nuptial contracts have (15)______________ actual force at all in English law, but we certainly felt better after we had signed. We were at long last ready to enjoy our wedding!

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