I. Watch this video on hydraulic fracking twice and then answer the following questions:

1. Why is hydraulic fracking so much better than it used to be a decade ag? __________________________________

2. Why is horizontal drilling so much more efficient than vertical drilling? __________________________________

3. How is ground water protected from substances used for drilling? __________________________________

4. How deep lies the point where vertical drillings turn into horizontal drillings? __________________________________

5. When drilling wells water, sand and guar is used for lubrication. Lool up on the internet what guar is. __________________________________

6. How is oil or gas extracted from the shale? __________________________________

II. Once gas arrives at the surface it is hauled to storages in cities for heating or producing electricity. But it can also be sold to far away countries like south Korea, Europe or Japan. Find out on the internet how shipping gas on tankers is materialized.Also think of the effects on our environment.
An LNG tanker on sea

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