(European Framework of Reference level A2)

Alone again:
Amanda sat down at the kitchen table and cried. Thomas was gone. There was nothing she could do about it, he was gone and that was that. But it hurt. She cried until she thought her heart would break. Five wonderful years together. Five happy, golden years. And now things would never be the same again.

She remembered the first time she saw him, with his beautiful blue eyes and his handsome face. She had loved him from that very first moment. Love at first sight. And he had felt the same way. He loved her and she loved him, and they hadn't needed anyone else. There had been no-one else for five years. They had done so many things together. Walks in the park, holding hands. Meals together. Laughter and kisses. So much love. He had given her wonderful presents which she would keep for ever.

OK, he was quite hard work sometimes. Of course, she did everything for him. All the washing and cleaning and cooking. She was happy to do everything for him - he had such a lovely smile.

OK, sometimes he got a bit angry and shouted. Like that time in a café, when things had got a bit out of control and she could feel all the other customers looking at them. Once he had hit her on the nose and made it bleed. And there was the time when he bit her face. Quite hard. But still, it was only normal. Her fault, probably. And he had said "sorry" so sweetly and kissed her so gently. How could she stay angry with him? The good times were so good that the bad times were soon forgotten.

He hadn't wanted to go, but she had stayed strong and calm. "It's for the best. You have to go. You'll be fine," she had said as she walked away.
And what would she do, now that he was gone? "You're free at last," her best friend had said. Maybe she was right. Time for a new beginning. A fresh start. Maybe she could get a part-time job. Or do a course and learn something new. Or a new hobby.

Of course she would miss Thomas, but she could do so many things now that she had more time. And after all, he wouldn't be gone for ever.
She would see him again at the end of the school day. His first day at school. A big day for them both.
416 words

that was that - und das war's
to hurt (hurt, hurt) - wehtun
handsome gut - aussehend
at first sight - auf den ersten Blick
to hold hands - Händchen halten
laughter - Gelächter
presents - Geschenke
hard work - hier: harter Brocken
to shout - schreien
customer - Kunde
to hit (hit, hit) - schlagen

Assigments (true/false):

Statements true false
1. Amanda cried because her friend left her.      
2. They had been a couple for the last five years.      
3. He had given her presents like diamonds and golden rings.      
4. Amanda did not mind much when she was kicked by him. In fact, she forgave him most of the time.      
5. It was him who had not wanted to leave her.      
6. At last, she was a 'free' single woman again who could do whatever she wanted to.      
7. Being a teacher, Thomas was going to come back at the end of the school day.      

Do you remember your first schoolday? Write down what your feelings were on that day.


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