VARIOUS TEXTS: The DisUnited States of America

Unemployment rate:
Can you think of any reasons why the unemployment rate has increased since Obama took office?

Social class and income:
The figures in the graphs display a shift in class affiliation. Which are the biggest changes? Can you think of any reasons why the median household income has declined?

Crime and punishment:
Look for similar figures gathered in Europe and compare them with these shown here.

Poverty and health:
The poverty and health diagrams show similar developments. Try and find corresponding figures of any first world country and compare them with the situation in the US.
Religion and belief:
There are no big changes concerning religious affiliation between the adtes mentioned. But there is still a high number of Americans who are creationists or believe that God 'guided' the creation of human beings (c.75%). Do you think that these numbers are as high in Europe? Find reasons and explanations.

Referring to morality, comment on the views of Americans and compare them with your own views on this topic.

Miscellaneous polls:
Pick three views from the list which surprise you because your viewpoints are very different. Substantiate your views.
Source: TimesOnline, Nov. 7, 2012 (You need a subscription)

More: President Exit Polls from the New York Times

More: President Map from the New York Times

What Americans think of their country and themselves (poll conducted on the eve of election Nov. 6,2012)

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