A. When writing letters, you have to learn some phrases with which you can open and close your letters.

a) In the first paragraph, you usually refer to the letter you received from the person you are writing to.

Thank you (very much, so much) for your (kind, long, interesting, amusing) letter of ........ This letter is in reply to your letter of .............

Your letter of ... was forwarded to me (has finally arrived, reached me yesterday).

It was a great pleasure to receive (Your letter gave me much pleasure, has been enjoyed by the whole family).

Your letter gave me great delight. I had been waiting for a letter from you for several weeks.

I was (am) interested (pleased) to hear (learn) that ...

It was very nice of you to ...

I do enjoy reading (getting) letters from you.

At long last I have the time to answer ...

It has been a long time since I heard from you.

I learn (see) from your letter that ......... So now I understand why you did not write sooner.

b) Before you close your letter, you will perhaps say something about further letters, and send greetings to the family of the person you are writing to:

I hope to hear from you soon (whenever you have any time to spare).

I am looking forward to hearing from you (meeting you at ... ).

I am sorry my 'Thank-You Letter' is so short, but I will write a longer letter.

Would you please let me know soon if you have received ...

All good wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

My parents join me in sending you our love (our best wishes for your health and happiness during the coming year).

(Our) Kind (kindest) regards to - With love to all, .....

B. Assignments:
Write a short letter to:

a) a friend who has invited you for a week-end (the holidays),

b) an uncle in America who has sent you a parcel for Christmas,

c) your grandmother for her birthday.

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