Texts can be written in decriptive, narrative or expository types, although longer texts can contain two or even three kinds of types.
The following text is an example of narrative writing. Narratives, or stories, are composed of events which take place in a definite time sequence. Usually the writer presents the events in the order in which they happen from beginning to end. When he does, it is said that he is presenting events in chronological order. As you read the narrative paragraph below, notice the order in which the events are presented.

Lowell Thomas in The Boys' Life of Colonel Lawrence
On another of these desert journeys Lawrence was captured by a band of Kurd robbers. They took him to their secret refuge, high up on a mountain top. They put him in a hut and left two of their men to guard him, while the rest of the band went off on another expedition. One afternoon the Kurd sentries were separated, one remaining inside with him and the other sitting outside in the sun. It was a very hot day. The Kurds had had their lunch, and the man on the outside had fallen asleep. The other sentry happened to turn his back, and as he did so Lawrence jumped on him and overpowered him. He did this without making enough noise to arouse the second man. Then he went out and disposed of the sleeper. The only approach to this rocky mountain top was up a narrow, winding, precipitous path. Lawrence now had two rifles and plenty of ammunition. Hiding himself at a strategic point, he picked off the rest of the band of robbers as they came up that evening.

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