The number of British newspapers, be it broadsheets or tabloids, outnumber British magazines by far. You can count them on one hand: The Spectator, New Statesman & Society, The Economist and The Times Literary Supplement. All these do not cater to the intellectual reader, but there might be a change when next month a new magazine called Prospect will enter the media market. The three most serious current magazines are the following ones:

Conservative weekly of political commentary, current affairs, reviews and regular columnists. Old-fashioned values. Read by professionals and opinion-formers. Circulation: c. 50.000
Left-leaning politics and culture. Geared to anti-elitism. Read by mostly left-leaning politicians but also by right-wingers. Circulation: c. 20.000
Analytical view of politics, current affairs, business and finance. Campaigns for old-fashioned liberal values of free trade and personal liberty. Read by business people. Circulation: c. 100.000

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