If you can't afford to travel to the following museums, make at least a virtual tour of them:

One of the best museums on the topic of the civil rights movement in the USA is located at Memphis, Tenn.

Housed within the walls of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, the Exploratorium is a collage of over 650 science, art, and human perception exhibits. The Exploratorium is a leader in the movement to promote the museum as an educational center. This unique museum was founded in 1969 by noted physicist and educator Dr. Frank Oppenheimer, who was director until his death in 1985.

The site of London's Science Museum has features of computer-generated interior views which gives you a plastic impression of what you would see in reality.

The Smithsonian in Washington DC is the largest museum complex in the world. If you are interested in space exploration go to The Virtual Smithsonian and see spacecraft and astronauts.

The site of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, sets an exqisite precedent. Gently rotating, 360-degree panoramic views reveal the opulence of the palace and the almost unbelievable wealth that created it in the midst of poverty.

The Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala, offers you views of the SR 71 (The Blackbird), the space shuttle, Saturn rockets or read about Wernher von Braun's team.

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