UK Newspapers Revealed
British newspapers can be split up into three categories: the Quality, the Popular and the Middle Market Press. This division applies to daily as well as Sunday papers.
XXX Quality (broadsheet) Popular (tabloid) Middle Market (tabloid)
Daily Papers Times / Guardian / Daily Telegraph / Independent / Financial Times Sun / The Mirror / Daily Star Daily Mail / The Express
Sunday Papers The Sunday Times / The Observer / Sunday Telegraph / Independent on Sunday Sunday Mirror / News of the World / The People Mail on Sunday / The Express on Sunday
There are 10 national daily papers selling a total of over 13 million copies a day. 55 % of the adult population of GB read at least one national daily.
There are 9 national Sunday papers selling over 15 million copies each week and 60 % of the adult population of GB read at least one national Sunday paper.
The readership of newspapers are commonly divided into 6 classes of social status:
Category and social status Occupation /Job
A (upper middle class) higher managerial, administrative and professional positions
B (middle class) intermediate managerial, administr. and prof. positions
C1 (lower middle class) clerical, junior managerial, administrative jobs
C2 (skilled working class) skilled manual workers
D (working class) semi- and unskilled workers
E (lower class) state pensioners, widows
It is therefore common to refer to 'ABC1' s, as they are the people with the greatest disposable income. Typical target audiences are women aged 25-44, petrol buyers, AB men, or adults who take holidays twice or three times a year. Market research institutes can exactly find out by the use of questionnaires what readership the different newspapers attract and what these can do to attract more readers.
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Political Affiliation of Newspaper Readership:

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