A Damien Hirst artwork covered the stadium floor

The Olympic Games, London 2012
Our revels now are ended, but the past 17 days have been such stuff as dreams are made on. The London Olympics Games ended last night and the greatest party in the history of the world is now a memory. Or a raft of them.

Looks like we got away with it, then. Looks like London 2012 was — well, we don’t really go in for boasting in this country, but it was, shall we say, not bad. Really quite good, in fact. Quite good for us: rest of the world, was it good for you too? It was, you know. I think a nation can tell.

From: The TimesOnline, Aug. 13, 2012

Congratulations, dear British!!!
You have done a fantastic job performing the Olympic Games.
What I like best, is above modesty and understatement by which you assess this event, let alone the large amount of medals you earned.
You are a real good example for many other nations.

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