To be able to listen to a radio station, you need software like the RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or Winamp.

If you are a fan of bluegrass music, try Ozark Mountains Air Waves.

If you prefer a more comprehensive range of stations worldwide, try at BBC Radio.

This is the Serbian dissident radio station which began broadcasting underground during the Kosovan war.

A London-based station which has been online for only a year now, but claims to have 2,000 online listeners a day.

Located in the Bahamas, this station has been playing nonstop dance music since 1996.

One of the more exotic stations near the South Pole.

A Newfoundland-based station which broadcasts 'Rock of the Rock' music.

Calls itself the 'Rock Home of Stockholm' and broadcasts every day from 12:00-18:00.

Reading the site could become a problem, as it is in Russian, but listening to its music depends on your taste..

You can listen to news, music and comedy from Ireland, but appropriately also to religion..

Besides curiously soothing sounds from Iran, you can also listen their leaders' interesting speeches...

Pathetic design of its website, but if you understand Dutch you might enjoy this station from the Dutch Antilles.

This Australian station broadcasts live from Wangaratta, the No.1 station for Aussie ski fans.

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