Are you planning a field trip to London? Here are some suggestions as to which sights you can visit with your class:

Here you'll find info on Hampton Court, the Banqueting Home, the Tower of London, Kew Palace and Kensington Palace.

Shakespeare's Globe built by Sam Wanamaker in commemoration of the original Globe.

Here you cannot only go on a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace, but also of St James's Palace and the royal palaces outside London like Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle or Sandringham House.

Christopher Wren's architectural masterpiece opened in 1697 after the Great Fire of London.

Westminster Abbey, the setting for every coronation since 1066 and for numerous other royal occasions.

The largest, most comprehensive city museum in the world, telling the fascinating story of london from prehistoric times to the present.

A well made site in flash-technique, which can get on your nerves.

A site which takes you not only to the wax figure cabinet, but also to Rock Circus or the London Planetarium.

The site of the National Maritime Museum where you can follow the tracks of Scott and Amundsen into the Antartic or learn about Nelson and his fight gainst the Franco-Spanish fleet off the coast of Trafalgar. The site also takes you to the Royal Observatory, home of the Prime Meridian of the world.

The best way to move around London is on foot, anyway. So why not learn anything when walking?

State-of-the-art special and sound effects enhance the feeling of descent in the deep sea zone or a walk in the rain forest.

The Thames Barrier, the world's largest movable flood barrier.

The Official Internet Site for London.

What's going on in London? Here is the answer.

London's Science Museum is situated in Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, and is a real must if you are interested in science. Among many other things you can learn about space exploration, the vision of Arthur C. Clarke, Dolly the Sheep or inventions of all kinds. You might even want to watch a film on a giant Imax screen.

Now after you have looked at all the London sights, forget your field trip to London...:-)

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