After you have read this, you might ask yourself which is worse: the behaviour of certain yob families or the fact that the state ever more encroaches into peoples' private lives...

According to the Sunday Times of March 5, 2006, the government is going to stop antisocial behaviour through 'suppernannies'.

"PROBLEM families are to be assigned full-time “supernannies” in the government’s latest attempt to curb antisocial behaviour. Ministers are to send disciplinarians to impose order on chaotic households, in an echo of the television reality show, Supernanny. ..........
They will arrive early each morning to ensure the household is out of bed and youngsters sent to school. Their tasks will include ensuring children are properly fed and dressed, and encouraging layabout parents to find a job. ............
Under the plans, such families will be put under the full-time supervision of a single case worker, who will only move on when there is evidence that households are responding.
Case workers will be ordered to do whatever it takes, within the law, to gain access to the family home every morning. They will stay until any young children are put to bed in the evening and until they are confident any older children are off the streets.
A Home Office source said: “These workers will be with the family morning, noon and night. If they have to shout through the letter box and bang on doors to get through the door, that is what they will do.” .....
The case workers are likely to be social workers with extra experience in healthcare, nursing or child protection. They will be expected to win the confidence of their family by helping them to solve a simple problem, such as a gripe about their housing.
Ministers say the scheme, which will cost about £15,000 per family, will pay for itself because councils will not have to take the children into care."

....and I thought Britain would only consist gentlemen and ladies.....-;)

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