Probably the most authentic book on the Oregon trail is Francis Parkman's The Oregon Trail

amazon.de The Oregon Trail
Francis Parkman, JR.

During the 1840s to '60s nearly half a million people trudged out of the shade of settled America and went 2000 miles west across the treeless plains to Oregon, California, and Utah. They called themselves emigrants, for until about 1847 they were leaving the United States - Mexico owned California and Utah, and the British still clung to Oregon. The emigrants rode wagons, but most of them walked all the distance to the Pacific.
Jumping-off places for the great adventure were Independence (now part of Kansas City), St Joseph and other Missouri river towns. They were on the trail in the middle of nowhere as long as six months and suffered appallingly. There were many ways to fall ill or be killed - by cholera, gunshots, drowning, occasional arrows, stampedes or wagon wheels. Rarely in history had so many people picked up and gone so far over so vast a wilderness.

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The trip:
miles from Independence to Oregon City: 2,200
top ox speed: 3mph
average time of overland trip: 4 and a half months
Ideal times:
April 15: embark at Independence
May 15: reach Fort Kearny
June 15: reach Fort Laramie
July 4: reach South Pass
Sep 1: reach Oregon
flour: 150 lbs
baking soda: 5 lbs
bacon: 50 lbs
dried fruit and vegetables: 30/40 lbs
sugar: 40 lbs
salt: 10 lbs
coffee: 10 lbs
beans: 20 lbs
rice: 8 lbs
hardtack (Zwieback): 100 lbs
men: 5 hickory shorts, two pair of buckskin pantaloons, a buckskin coat, two hats
women: long dresses, bloomers

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